In the Shadow of Virtue : 3 ème partie

La quête débute avec Avery, le capitaine qui a pas eu trop de chance. Il vient d'être absout de son crime, et pardonné par la reine Dawn. Il peut être trouvé à l'intérieur de la Taverne "Cat's Lair Inn", à Britain (la taverne un pti peu au sud de Brit west bank). Il répond à certains mots-clés.

    * Prison: "I spent 8 months in prison for a crime I didn't commit. Met some interesting folk there."
    * Crime: "Casca murdered the council. I went to prison for it, Casca got caught, Queen Dawn pardoned me."
    * Casca: "Casca was our king for a brief period. He really made a mess of things."
    * Sherry: "Sherry visited me several times in prison, I have nothing but good things to say about her."
    * Sorry: "Dont' be sorry, it's not your fault.I saw another side of life. I met some folk. I'll get over it."
    * Folk': "I met Ricardo there. He was a good friend to me. Stark raving mad, but a good stroy teller."
    * Ricardo: "He was once a master thief. Now he just a crazy old mad who tell stories about lost treasure."
    * Stories: "I don't really want to talk about my time serving Lord Francisco, maybe some other time."
    * Treasure: "Oh, Ricardo was a thief for many years and has all kinds of treasure hidden about I'm sure."
    * "Hidden: I recall a story where he had some treasure hidden in some warehouse on the Britain wharf."
    * Warehouse: "Ho, ho! Thinking of doing some hunting? Well good luck to you, he's totally mad you know!"

Comme indiqué par Avery, vous trouverez un journal de Ricardo et un Weathered Old Chest dans l'entrepôt, à Britain (10°11' S 16°56'E).
Voici le contenu du journal :

"This be the beginning of me great research.
I, Ricardo, master thief, am going to discover the legend of Lord British's Vault. I will be hiding me research where only I, Rica
rdo, can find it by using me ancient magic lamp.
Me lamp 'tis better than any map, for a map can be decoded. No one alive but me, Ricardo, knows the secret of how this lamp works.

I have hidden me research near me favorite locations in Sosaria, but even me closest friends could not find it without the secret of me lamp.
Thus, if'n I would tell a body that part of me research be near the Terathan Keep, it would not help them a wit less they have me lamp to discover exactly where 'tis.
I never keep me books and me lamp in the same place for security purposes.
I have also discovered a way to enchant me research books so that they can only be read using me lamp.
Finally, as an added security, me books can only be lifted by me.
Ya larn a few things over the years about security when ye are a master thief"

Si vous tentez d'ouvrir le coffre, une "Ricardo Ancient Lamp" se retrouvera dans votre sac à dos. Retournez voir Avery et parlez lui de cette lampe :

    * Lamp ou Research: "He never mentioned it specifically. You might ask Ricardo about it, he's in Yew prison."
Si vous rendez visite à Ricardo dans la prison de Yew, vous pourrez voir qu'il répond au mot clé "Hint". Chaque jour, il vous donnera un indice concernant l'endroit du bouquin du jour. Vous le verrez aussi se parler à lui-même :
    "Oh, my sacred lamp. It is the light of my spirit!
    Protecting the secret. Oh, so much responsibility! Must dig, must mine!
    I love to fish
    I love fishin. I used to hang around the dock of Britain, angler by day, angle worker by night.
    The warehouse is my favorite place
    Oh, you must not forget to visit Lt Dan and Lt Crag!

Chaque jour, vous pourrez trouver un autre volume des recherches de Ricardo. La "Ricardo's Ancient Lamp" changera de teinte (vers le vert) lorsque vous serez proche d'un livre, et le rendra visible. Le message suivant apparaitra :

    "Ricardo's book seems important. I bet this information is worth something to someone."

Jour 1 - Livre 1

Au sud du Terathan Keep, au spot appelé Haunted Ruins, coords 10°27' S 38°23' W dans les Lost Lands.

Me research, Volume 1 by Ricardo

    This be me research regardin the combination to open Lord British's fabled Vault.
    Me research has been sailing against the wind so far, but I believe the vault be requiring words o' power.
    I record the first word here, it be An.

Jour 2 - Livre 2

L'astuce de Ricardo est :
    "A common thief sleeps with one eye open. Ricardo sleeps with one eye to the Moonglow telescope."

Le second bouquin est juste au sud du téléscope de Moonglow, aux coords : 34°0' N 122°24' W
Me research, Volume 2 by Ricardo

    This be the second secret hiding place o' me research into the words o' power what will open Lord British's Vault.
    I be thinking this vault be somewhere in his royal castle. I can only imagine the treasures that await me thar, it makes me giddy to think on it and I must put thous thoughts aside.
    Me precious second word O' power be sanct."

Jour 3 - Livre 3

L'astuce de Ricardo est :
    "Me bar in Vesper requires a secret knock and serves terrible ale. Don't knock till you try it!"

Le troisième livre est sur une petite île dans la cité de Vesper, sur le sol aux coords 59°3' N 109°53' E.
Me research, Volume 3 by Ricardo
    I have discovered that o' the great treasures of Lord British's Vault be the crystal that Minax used to be in both Feluca and Trammel at the same time.
    This be of great interest to me. I can think o' many an improper use fer it. It is not known if I can use it to be in two places in Trammel at the same time. I look forward to finding out.
    I also now know that the third word o' power for the key to the vault is grav.

Jour 4 - Livre 4

L'astuce de Ricardo pour le 4eme endroit est :
    "I smell a break in the wind! I miss trying to break into the Wind... I miss the maze. I need a break."

Le quatrième volume est près de l'entrée de Wind, sur le sol aux coordonnées 61°31' N 3°9' E.
Me research, Volume 4 by Ricardo
    I marvel at these magic locations that are somehow connected to this lamp, they be the perfect hiding place. I, Ricardo, did not make them, I have just discovered them.
    They be the perfect hiding places because no one can find them but me wonderful lamp.
    The fourth word o' power be vas.

Jour 5 - Livre 5

L'astuce pour trouver le livre est :
    "I feel dirty here... such a waste. The bath house in Buc's Den, now, thar be a place to be dirty!"

Le cinquième volume se trouve au nord de Buc's Den, sur le sol, aux coords 29°21' S 99°0' E.
Me research, Volume 5 by Ricardo
    I believe that the location o' the vault is somewhere in the royal throne room. It be kind of obvious, putting it there, but I imagine it be highest security place in the palace.
    I have discovered the fifth word o' power be Ylem.

Jour 6 - Livre 6

L'indice pour l'emplacement du livre est :
    "I married the fifth wife near Yew. T'was the only place me other wives would ne'er look for me"

Le sixième volume se trouve dans le Valentine's Park, au nord de la shrine de Justice, sur le sol. Les coordonnées sont : 94°7' N 0°25' W.
Me research, Volume 6 by Ricardo
    I did some poking around the palace last night with these words o' power. It seems I am still missing something. I believe that one or more objects are required. I believe I must be holding something when I speak the words o' power. I do not yet know what but I will find out.
    The sixth word o' power 'tis a word I ne'er seen before, the word be nes

Jour 7 - Livre 7

L'astuce de Ricardo est :
    "Went to Tokuno on me honeymoon and saw Shrine of Valor. Since then I just go thar to hide"

Le septieme livre se trouve dans des ruines, juste au sud-est de la shrine de Valor dans Tokuno, sur le sol à 95°53' N, 17°30' W.
Me research, Volume 7 by Ricardo
    I have discovered more about the Crystal o' Duplicity. I 'ad to pay good stolen money for this information so I be recording it here.
    It seems that Minax herself stole the crystal from Magincia, back before it was destroyed. I didnt know she had it in her.
    It seems it was hid somewhere in Magincia by someone. I must learn more of this story.
    The seventh and final word o' power is uus.

Jour 8 - Livre 8

L'astuce est :
    "I thought about fixing up this big old keep in Ilshenar, but I figured my x-wife would just take it"
Le huitième volume se trouve à l'exterieur de la Ratman Villa, au sud ouest de la moongate Honor, sur Illshenar, aux coordonnées : 71°32' N, 46°37' W.
Me research, Volume 8 by Ricardo
    I, Ricardo, discoverer of secrets, finder of lost things, master thief extraordinaire, have discovered a most rare and disturbing tale about the crystal.
    It seems that it won't be letting me be in two places at once in Trammel, which is disappointing.
    However, it is a bridge between any two shards.
    Here be where it gets interesting... it can duplicate anything from any shard to another shard with the right words o' power.
    It seems that the great Nystul, royal mage to Lord British, used it to copy the land in the shard that we now call Felucca onto the shard that we now call Trammel.
    I find meself considerin' what might have been in that shard before Trammel.
    I could not discover this secret, and it is but trivia to one who only seeks to steal it, but I can't help but wonder if Nystul knew what he destroyed to build his haven.

Le fait de rapporter les infos au Lieutenant Dan (dans le chateau de Britain, ou Serpent's Hold pour Siege) augmentera votre Karma, tandis que les rapporter au Lieutenant Crag (qui bosse pour Minax) à Cove sur fel le fera baisser. Les deux officiers diront la même phrase :

    "You did the right thing to bring this to my attention. Please take a bag from my chest as a reward."

Dans le sac, vous pourrez trouver :
  • un objet magique au hasard
  • un FrostGuard
  • Un talisman vert similaire au FrostGuard mais avec du Stamina Regen, Poison Resist et Poison Eater (le nom est buggué pour le moment)
  • Une Ranger Cloak of Augmentation
  • Une cape grise avec comme propriétés du Lower Mana Cost, Stamina Regen, Mana Regen et HIT Point Regen (le nom est buggué pour le moment)
  • Un Relic Fragment

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